No Hard Feelings

Revisiting the drawing, masking, spray painting, inking scheme from the larger "stars" pieces with some different ideas. Still loving the reed pens and sumi ink, for big fat strokes as well as details.

No Hard Feelings 16x20 spray paint and sumi ink on bristol board

Demented Ladybugs/Nuvango Reboot

The Nuvango shop is up and running. Up first is this more colorful spin on the pale, discolored ladybugs that are all over the house right now. Check out this illustration on the products here.

Bmore Flea

Come hang out at the Bmore Flea Market this Saturday and kill off the last bit of your Xmas shopping. I'll have some larger original pieces for sale at my buddy's Wild Basics table.
Some new work in the Stars line, like this 16x20 piece below, as well as some others, will be available. December 20 10AM-4PM 2640 Saint Paul St. 

Stop and say Hi!, eat, and check out the antiques, goodies, and artwork.



Been sketching and playing with layers of paint pens and sumi ink. I've always been more of a silver guy, but this gold paint pen is killer. Scans don't give the full picture of how cool it is. I've got some sticker ideas for sketchy matches like these so we'll see what happens.

New Society6 Store

Some illustrations from earlier this year are available on quite a few products over at Society6. The Very Rare text is available on a lot of products (my favorites being t-shirts and coffee mugs) and the first three State Birds are available as prints.


Experiments with paint layering and texture analog style.


Living and Dying

"Years ago I came to the realization that the most poignant of all lyric tensions stems from the awareness that we are living and dying at once." -Stanley Kunitz

One of the greatest first lines of a book foreword. 

Not just lyric tensions, but most tensions stem from that awareness for me. At least that's the case once you reach a certain age. Or even if you're not that age yet, but the living part stops for someone close. It's a slap in the face and a reminder to stop wasting time.

Grin while you can.

Kill Poster

Illustrated State Bird 03: New Jersey American Goldfinch

Abstracts I, II, III

Abstract I 2014, pencils on paper, 12"x9"

Abstract II 2014, pencils on paper, 12"x9"

Abstract III 2014, pencils on paper, 12"x9"

Illustrated State Bird 01: Delaware Blue Hen

I've been wanting to get another drawing series going, and here it is. This is the first US state bird, from Delaware, the First State. This one was a lot of fun, from the sketching to breaking out ancient watercolors for added texture. It's probably time to upgrade those. I plan to keep going down the statehood list chronologically. A few states share the same bird, but so far the plan is to give each state their own version. This should keep me busy. Stay tuned.